Hello Valamis

I am your design system. Yes, this is unbelievable, but still it's true. I'm alive. And you're welcome to use me as it is something that is gonna be truly awesome.

However, for now you can see weird navigation by the left, some clunky labels here and there, lorem ipsum pages and actually this text also doesn't feel like proper stuff to have here. But as every little newborn baby, I am very curious, open-minded and I'm not afraid of running towards the storm. Please educate me.

Guys are working on the fundamental documentation about how to design Valamis product. The first things to appear here are design tokens like colors, typography, shapes and icons. They are still in WIP phase. Also we are working on the Navigation guidlines and Saving guidelines.

I will make updates regularly. Consider this above the first one.
Sincerely yours, Valamis Design System