Content Demo Page

This demo page shows every content module available. Let's do something cool!

This is a page section slice!

We can have as many section slices as we want. And of course these content text fields are rich text. Add links if you want.

They can have repeatable subsections, for example with aligned images, to right...

...and left, of course. Cool, right?

With some serious blah blah inside of it. Nice one!

Rich text capabilities showcase

This slice only shows some rich text stuff. Enjoy! So can we have some lists here in richt text field?

  • Yes
  • Totally yes
  • Absolutely

Text and lists are boring. What about some good old fashioned inline images?


Sure. No problem! Embedding of YouTube and such is also an option.

1object ScalaExample {
2 def main(args:Array[String]){
3 println "Hello Scala"
4 }
1fun main() {
2 println("Hello, World!")
1// and titleless TSX
2interface Props {
3 children: JSX.Element
4 name: string
7const CustomComp = (PropsType) => <div>{props.children}</div>

Column One

Multiple columns can be fitted into the page content area with this slice type. This is a column 1.

Column Two

And this is column 2. We could add more but chosen grid system needs to work with those. TBD!

This slice is about adding some raw HTML to the page. Unsafe it is. Use only as an escape hatch, please.

import { Button } from "@valamis/ui-components"; <h3>THIS IS MDX</h3> <Button>Press</Button>

Aside Demo Stuff